Saturday, December 29, 2012

12 DAYS in 2012

Meaningful days make a year special! Here are my 2012’s Top 12 Days and the priceless lessons I got:

January 16
God’s gift has His goodness stamped all over it!
(Started in the job I’ve long been waiting and praying for.)

February 1
Speak the truth and forgive…in love.
(Had a conversation that taught me a lot about myself, what love means, and how truth sets people free.)

March 3
When it is God’s will, even the impossible things just happen.
(Went on a work-related trip with a miraculously-healed eardrum!)

April 20
Provider, Healer, Comforter – God is all these and more!
(My brother was out of the hospital – healed from an almost fatal stab wound near his lungs.)

May 28
Trust the One who loves us the most and knows us the best.
(I had some questions answered that eventually gave me peace of mind and heart.)

June 13
God meets people where they are at.
(Heard touching stories of how Jesus revealed Himself to people who used to be clueless about who He is.)

July 13
Love is always stronger than fear.
(The sight of a beautiful rainbow made me endure a scarily turbulent flight from Hongkong to Manila)

August 6
A seemingly bad experience can actually be the start of something awesome.
(The monsoon rains got me stranded at my friends’ house. I went home with a new “sister and brother” I intend to keep for life.)

September 2
Find a job you love and your years will be fruitful and happy.
(Celebrated my 10th year with World Vision)

October 11
It’s never too late to make a dream come true!
(Had my 31st birthday at Jollibee!)

November 9
God has awesome ways of giving back to us what we learn to completely let go.
(Witnessed the most beautiful sunset amidst the rain after sadly thinking the sun has already set.)

December 25
A gift isn’t a gift when it costs us nothing.
(Gave the celebrant a costly gift that’s actually the best gift for myself, too.)

And I am so grateful to the people God has used to either teach me or learn these lessons with me. I may not be able to mention you here one by one, but as you read, you will surely know where you played an important part. THANK YOU SO MUCH  Praying for a more fruitful, grander, totally amazing 2013 for you  happy new season!!

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