Wednesday, March 20, 2013

HE is!

Calm in my chaos
Reason for my song
Hope amidst the mess
Beauty of my morning
Warmth on a cold, dark night
Happiest in my sweet wins
Strength of my weak heart
Comfort when tears are many
Answer to every question
Lover at my ugliest
Joy despite the troubles
Clarity in the sea of confusions
Security at my lowliest
Sunshine for all seasons
Certainty in my tomorrow
All these and much, much more...

JESUS. It has always been Him. It will always be Him! :)

Pimples at Lovelife :)

(Dahil madaming napasaya ang "Taxi at Lovelife", nainspire akong isulat ito. Sumi-sequel, hehehe! Smile :))

1. May mga pimples na paulit-ulit lang. Nawawala, bumabalik, heto na naman! (It is difficult to let go - especially if it's someone we love. But remember that love is a decision. You can choose to let go and move on. Rely on God's sufficient grace.)

2. Napupuyat ka ba dahil may iniisip ka? Ang puyat ay pwedeng maging sanhi ng pagtubo ng pimple. Gaya din ng labis na pag-iisip sa isang tao. Akala mo in-love ka na talaga. Infatuation lang pala ang tumubo sa isip mo. (Think about what you're thinking about. Thoughts produce feelings. Please read Philippians 4:8. And if you think you're inlove, read 1Corinthians 13:4-7. That'll be a good assessment checklist)

3. Pag piniprick ang pimples, masakit. Pero pag nalinis ito ng maayos, gagaling na at hindi na babalik. (When we choose to surrender to God's will and let go of someone we hold dear, we may experience pain. But as we do it in obedience to God, there's healing and renewed hope for a great future. The best is yet to come!)

4. May mga taong maraming pimples. Meron din namang flawless - wala ni isa nito. (Don't be pressured. If "having a lovelife" isn't your season yet, that's perfectly fine. And if your lovelife is in full bloom, im happy for you! Celebrate your season! Everything is beautiful when the timing is right.)

5. Pag may malaki kang pimple, kahit anong conceal ang gawin mo, mahahalata at mahahalata ito. (When you truly love someone, it shows. Love isn't love when you don't demonstrate it. Love acts. Love gives. Love lets the beloved know s/he is loved.)

Calming a Noisy Morning

Waking up early on a Saturday gives you ample space and time to be quiet. No disturbing sound of people rushing - just the sweet music of birds chirping.

But a noisy mind robs us of the gift of enjoying a supposedly serene morning. Sometimes, we wake up hearing the nagging sound of fears and worries, questions without answers, words left unsaid, explanations we didn't have the chance to say, and many more.

These loud, confused, and at times, senseless disturbances also steal from us the opportunity to hear God's still, small voice.

When we seem unable to either bear or fight them, stop struggling. Let God calm you - with His love.

"Your God is present among you, a strong Warrior there to save you. Happy to have you back, HE WILL CALM YOU WITH HIS LOVE and delight you with His songs."
- Zephaniah 3:17, MSG

Having a noisy morning? Lay all that bothers you at God's feet...and let Him just love you. God loves you and me - completely, unchangeably, unconditionally. I pray that we'll let this truth turn every noisy morning into a peaceful and delightful kick-off to a bright day! :)

While You Keep Silent

Silence can mean a lot of different things. We keep quiet to think, to rest, to reflect, to give space, to respect another's silence, to allow a healing process to take place, or sometimes to stop trying because there's nothing else we can do. 

For some, it's a safe haven and a welcome season to be refreshed. But for others, silence is uncomfortable. It means wasting time and doing nothing. Being still is simply not their cup of tea nor their personality.

But there are moments when being silent and sitting still mean putting your complete trust in God - for Him to intervene, for Him to come to Your aid - so you can have you can once again be reminded of Who God is and be amazed at what He can do.

When you feel the need to defend yourself, but simply can't...

When you want so much to be understood, but you aren't listened to...

When trying to fix something could only worsen it...

...that's when you must let God fight for you. He is a sure winner!

"The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.” Exodus 14:14, NASB

In silence, in quietness, in staying calm...there's strength, peace and victory.

"The Lord Himself will fight for you. Just stay calm." Exodus 14:14, NLT

I say that again - for you and for myself: "Just stay calm." :)

Taxi at Lovelife :)

(Kathang isip lamang. Bunga ng madalas na pagsakay ng taxi)

1. Kapag di ka naghihintay, ang daming dumadating. Kapag naiinip ka na sa pag-iintay, lalong walang dumadating. (Don't be overly consumed with the desire to be in a relationship. Trust God. It will come at the right time.)

2. May mga taxi na kahit may sakay naman, nakailaw pa din na vacant sila. (If you're already committed to someone, know your limits. Be genuinely loving by protecting the men/women around you)

3. May mga taxi na sa tingin mo pa lang, mahina na ang aircon or di maayos sakyan. Wag ng pumilit sumakay. May dadating pang mas maganda, cool enough and may background music pa! (Don't settle for anything less than God's best for you)

4. Pag sumakay ka ng taxi, dapat may pambayad ka. Basic ito :) (Don't rush to be in a relationship. Count the cost and assess yourself if you're ready for it. You will surely be ready - maybe sooner, maybe later.)

5. Bago ka sumakay ng taxi, alam mo na saan ka bababa. (Know why you want to start "something" in the first place. Love always seeks what's best for the beloved)