Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pimples at Lovelife :)

(Dahil madaming napasaya ang "Taxi at Lovelife", nainspire akong isulat ito. Sumi-sequel, hehehe! Smile :))

1. May mga pimples na paulit-ulit lang. Nawawala, bumabalik, heto na naman! (It is difficult to let go - especially if it's someone we love. But remember that love is a decision. You can choose to let go and move on. Rely on God's sufficient grace.)

2. Napupuyat ka ba dahil may iniisip ka? Ang puyat ay pwedeng maging sanhi ng pagtubo ng pimple. Gaya din ng labis na pag-iisip sa isang tao. Akala mo in-love ka na talaga. Infatuation lang pala ang tumubo sa isip mo. (Think about what you're thinking about. Thoughts produce feelings. Please read Philippians 4:8. And if you think you're inlove, read 1Corinthians 13:4-7. That'll be a good assessment checklist)

3. Pag piniprick ang pimples, masakit. Pero pag nalinis ito ng maayos, gagaling na at hindi na babalik. (When we choose to surrender to God's will and let go of someone we hold dear, we may experience pain. But as we do it in obedience to God, there's healing and renewed hope for a great future. The best is yet to come!)

4. May mga taong maraming pimples. Meron din namang flawless - wala ni isa nito. (Don't be pressured. If "having a lovelife" isn't your season yet, that's perfectly fine. And if your lovelife is in full bloom, im happy for you! Celebrate your season! Everything is beautiful when the timing is right.)

5. Pag may malaki kang pimple, kahit anong conceal ang gawin mo, mahahalata at mahahalata ito. (When you truly love someone, it shows. Love isn't love when you don't demonstrate it. Love acts. Love gives. Love lets the beloved know s/he is loved.)

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