Friday, March 14, 2014

That's What Makes You Beautiful

(A note to the ladies, but men who want to understand femininity better can read too)

Can we really showcase a more meaningful kind of beauty in this era of airbrush make-up and sensual charm? This question came to mind as I've been stumbling upon articles, videos and conversations about what true beauty means. 
One Direction sings, "You don't know you're beautiful. That's what makes you beautiful."

I love this song, but I would disagree with these "crush-able" men for now. I think it's quite the contrary.

When we know our beauty is appreciated and chosen, we feel and look beautiful!

Have you not seen it in the twinkling eyes of ladies in love, in the sweet smiles of princesses being pursued, and the radiant faces of brides walking down the aisle?

These women come in different shapes, shades and sizes. But they all look great! A woman looks her best when she feels most loved.

And I don't mean this in a GGSS-kind-of-knowing-you-are-pretty. That, for me, is insecurity. And insecurity makes one ugly, even if you have the face to win the Miss World crown.

"True feminine beauty is not a complicated formula involving hundreds of rules to remember. It’s not something that requires spending two years at finishing school or being groomed as a beauty pageant queen. It is the natural byproduct of a young woman who has emptied herself, given up her own life, and allowed God’s Spirit complete access to every dimension of her inner and outer life." - Leslie Ludy

Right on, Leslie! When we are sooo consumed with God and His love for us, even our definition of beauty changes.

Sure there will be days when we won't feel beautiful. And we will see women with whom we won't even dare to compare ourselves. But God's love is as intense in "i-feel-so-ugly-and-undesirable days" as it is in "blooming-in-all-angles days!"

The focus of truly beautiful women therefore is not the obsession to be one. Their eyes are fixed on Jesus and their hearts are at rest knowing they are valued. As a result they just shine - effortlessly.

A woman looks her best when she feels most loved. And we are most loved.

And I'm not saying don't exert an effort in prettifying yourself. Love should bring inspiration to dress up, put colors on our faces, stride in style and charm the world!

But all the make-ups Mac, Benefit, Maybelline or Ever Billena can make are just enhancers. Jesus loves you and me. That's what makes us truly beautiful! 

Jesus loves you and me. That's what makes us truly beautiful! 
PS. GGSS, by the way, means "Gandang-Ganda Sa Sarili" 

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