Monday, May 07, 2012


We all have those "shallow but heart-deep dreams". They may take the form of simple and childish things we wanna experience in life. Some might even be close to impossible. But they definitely hold a greater and special meaning to us - could be a reminder of God's love, a sign of His promise or a proof that God indeed hears and answers prayers.

I have a number of this kind of dreams. One of them is to walk along a road with cherry blossoms around. I have imagined the scene many times before. I saw myself singing praises to God while smiling my sweetest! I would dream of being swept away by the flowers' lovely scent - the cool breeze touches my face and my eyes reflect the whitish-pinkish color of the flowers as I enjoy the dream-come-true walk!

And this dream recently did come true! But my experience was quite far from how I imagined it would be. It wasn't like the picture-perfect, one-for-the-Hollywood scenes I created in my mind. I couldn't even describe it as beautiful. I walked along a road with cherry blossom TREES around - without the flowers. I had a glimpse of the flowers but only saw them in their most dry state already.

glimpses of cherry blossoms - they waited for me! :)
But still, it was an answered prayer! Oh wait, a MIRACLE even! The season of cherry blossoms lasts for three to seven days. This year in Seoul, the flowers fully blossomed on the third week of April. I came on the first week of May. It was actually already impossible to see even remnants of the flowers. So, the walk was even more meaningful for me. God performed a miracle to make it happen! Awwwww, so sweet! We walk by faith, not by sight :)

Sakura (its popular Japanese name) blooms sooo magnificently - but it is extreme beauty that quickly fades away. The flower is richly symbolic and the very few days that it blossoms is the much awaited highlight of the spring season. It signals a new start, a breathtakingly gorgeous beginning!

Much like the life we have. A song says we're like flowers quickly fading - here today, gone tomorrow. Sakura  reminds us that we're called to bloom with all our strength and beauty - that is to live life to the full, with passion and purpose - with the days God has given us. Do not let God-given moments pass you by:
  • Savor God's love through life's beauty everyday 
  • Be strong in every trial, knowing we have a great God who keeps His promises
  • Don't miss the chance to express love in different ways when God gives the opportunity
  • Be generous with appreciation. You'll never know how life-giving it could be to some people around you
  • Trust without wavering and hope without doubting
  • Some things may be difficult to do but always give and do your best
  • Love with all your heart - completely and passionately - and do not let fear keep you from giving and experiencing love
  • Know and obey God's will in everything - big or small. I couldn't think of a better way to live and enjoy life than that.
Like the cherry blossoms, make your life and presence felt and so evident in this world. When it's your season, bloom, shine, and blossom with all your beauty and might!

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