Saturday, March 17, 2012

Picture-Perfect Daddy-Daughter Scenes

(written on Father's Day 2011)

To honor my father in celebration of Father’s Day, I thought of writing about my favorite "daddy-daughter scenes". This morning, I shared the idea with my parents and some of the things I was thinking of including in my note. My mom started making suggestions. My dad didn’t comment much but I noticed he became unusually excited, in a delightful kind of way!

So here’s sharing with you my favorite “daddy-daughter scenes”. These are pictures that my heart has perfectly captured – from childhood till now.

Why I Love Chocolates
I grew up in a poor family. My father had no regular source of income but his being street-smart and resourceful saw us through as a family. Financially, there were tough times - lots of them! But one of the sweet things my dad used to do when we were still kids was bring home imported chocolates when he had extra earnings. Most of the time, we (my two other sisters and my mom – my only brother wasn’t born yet) would divide a bar of Hershey’s milk chocolate or Alpine white chocolate among ourselves. We would get small pieces but we’re all happy! I guess this explains why I am a chocolate-lover. My dad trained me to be so!

Daddy, thank you for trying your best to provide for us.

My Dad, My Hero
I studied in an elementary school situated in a flood-prone area. I still remember how my dad would carry me and my sisters in his arms or on his shoulders so we wouldn’t need to walk on the floods.

The 1990 earthquake happened when I was in grade three. We were in school at that time. I could still vividly recall how my dad went to the school at once and frantically looked for us immediately after the earthquake to check if we’re okay.

Daddy, thank you for doing everything you’re able to do to protect us.

Countless times, I heard my dad bragging about his children when he gets the chance (like during family reunions). He would tell people how beautiful his daughters are and how handsome his only boy is. He would share about the honors I received and what I’ve accomplished at work. When it was recognition day at school and we got to receive awards, he would invite his “kumpares”, brothers and sisters to witness the event.

Last year, I had the rare opportunity to be a “makeover model” in a fashion magazine. I went home really late still with my hair done and make-up on. My dad opened the door for me. I saw how his jaw dropped. He said I looked like a celebrity! He excitedly woke everyone up so they could see me.

Daddy, thank you for believing in us and for letting us feel that you are always grateful for your children.

A Special Polo-Shirt and a Love Letter
When I was just beginning to work and earn, I bought my dad a polo-shirt – a gift for his birthday. I was wondering why two months already passed and he wasn’t wearing it yet. And so I asked him why. His response touched my heart deeply, “Hindi ko pa sinusuot kasi special yun. Pamasko ko yun.”

On my 28th birthday, he woke me up very early in the morning to give me a letter. I read the letter soon after he left me alone. It was just a short letter but it was the most heartfelt “love letter” I’ve received so far. I cried buckets! I’ve been keeping the words in that letter like a treasure till now. Here are excerpts:

“Anak, hindi ko man palaging nasasabi sa’yo pero na-appreciate ko lahat ng ibinibigay at itinutulong mo sa amin. Ang mapapayo ko lang ay alagaan mo ang sarili mo. Huwag puro trabaho. Maraming maraming salamat sa lahat! I love you.”

Daddy, thank you for valuing us and all our efforts to show that we love you.

Happy Father’s Day, daddy! Thank you for teaching me to love chocolates, for being my protector and stage-dad, and for loving me just the way I am. I love you!

I am grateful to my Heavenly Dad for my own dad and all the dads who try their best to be protectors, providers and leaders to their families.

To all my dad-friends and the wonderful fathers of my friends, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! You are heroes!

And to our Great and Loving Heavenly Father, thank You for all that You are to me - You are the perfect Provider, Protector and Leader. I just can't live without YOU! :)

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